Definition of "eleven" []

  • The cardinal number equal to 10 + 1. (noun)
  • The 11th in a set or sequence. (noun)
  • Something with 11 parts or members, especially a football team. (noun)
  • The cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one (noun)

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  • A numeral 11, XI, etc, representing this number (noun)
  • Something representing, represented by, or consisting of 11 units (noun)
  • A team of 11 players in football, cricket, hockey, etc (noun)
  • Eleven hours after noon or midnight (noun)
  • Amounting to eleven (determiner)
  • (as pronoun) (determiner) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "eleven" in a sentence
  • "_He was born eleven ages before the siege of Troy, and he is said to have lived nine ages; and according to some eleven_."
  • "It consists of thirty-eight lines in Cramer’s edition: of which Possinus omits eleven; and Matthaei also, eleven; — _but not the same eleven_."
  • "Cuevas who successfully defended his title eleven times before losing by a second round TKO to"