Definition of "eighty" []

  • The cardinal number equal to 8 × 10. (noun)
  • A decade or the numbers from 80 to 89: They were still active in their eighties. Before noon, the temperature shot into the eighties. (noun)
  • The decade from 80 to 89 in a century. (noun)
  • The cardinal number that is the product of ten and eight (noun)

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  • A numeral, 80, LXXX, etc, representing this number (noun)
  • The numbers 80–89, esp a person's age or the year of a particular century (noun)
  • The amount or quantity that is eight times as big as ten (noun)
  • Something represented by, representing, or consisting of 80 units (noun)
  • Amounting to eighty (determiner)
  • (as pronoun) (determiner) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "eighty" in a sentence
  • "During this term eighty-one students have been enrolled."
  • "“She’s fifty-two,” I said to the nurse but mouthed the word eighty when my mother turned away."
  • "Because the gap between rich and poor has reached its highest in eighty-one years, the need for action is great."