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  • Johann (joˈhan), original name Johann Mayer. 1486–1543, German Roman Catholic theologian; opponent of Luther and the Reformation (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "I think I can make out except [shoes] and a hat you must send me two pair of shoes of ... high quarter, and tell P.B. Ranys that he [must pick me] out a good hat, unfinished so that I can get it finished hear and I will send him the money or fur in the spring, there will be a very large company that will start from hear in march with about two thousand head of stock which they may calculate to loose half them I could have sent you in stock but it is so uncertain about them getting in for this reason I think that man in any Business that started with as little as I did ought to lie on a shoor futting, I have to furnish mule to Capt Brannin and you cant get one convenient I wish you to get one of M Kinkeads if they are not sould, I have sent you in twenty dollor by Thos Bogs to get us some Sugar and Coffee, and you must send me out colourd paper for lining Trunks and some saddlers tacks as as I did not bring any with me and some morocker Leather as mine was taken from me, I want you to send me out my tools such as eck planes and schels gouges holers and rounds and one male turning saw and my smoal hammer so I reman, yours"
  • "As blooppers go this might not have been in the "unpardonable folly" catergory, but along with Alex's "Yes We Can" eve of Glenrothes by-election stunt it is to me just another worrying bit of hubris by wee eck."
  • "April 19, 2010, 2: 03 pm troll_dc2 says: eck: Justice Roberts openly suggested — getting a laugh in the process — that expectations of privacy in such electronic communications might be a generational thing."
  • "February 24th, 2010 at 11: 03 pm karadagli61 says: eck has never claimed to be a circus clown."
  • "Xisithrus says: eck has never claimed to be a circus clown."