Definition of "earwax" [ear•wax]

  • The yellowish, waxlike secretion of certain glands lining the canal of the external ear. Also called cerumen. (noun)

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Use "earwax" in a sentence
  • "* Linguistic aside: in German, earwax is called "Ohrenschmalz" which literally translates into "ear-lard" - giving a much better idea about the consistency of the stuff."
  • "Excess earwax is pushed naturally to the opening of the ear canal, where it is washed away, pushed out as the cerumen glands secrete more wax and also by epithelial migration as your skin goes through its replacement cycle."
  • "The January issue of Nature Genetics reports on the identification of a gene that determines whether your earwax is dry or wet; people of African and European ancestry have predominantly wet earwax."