Definition of "ealdormen" [ealdormen]

  • Plural form of ealdorman. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ealdormen" in a sentence
  • "The nobles seem to have resembled our 'ealdormen' in the very earliest phase of our history, and to have exercised considerable influence, notwithstanding the absolutism of the ruling head."
  • "It's noticeable that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in Alfred's time, by which time it was being written more or less contemporarily with events, records celestial phenomena, consecrations of bishops and deaths of bishops, kings and ealdormen, but not births, not even the births of King Alfred's children."
  • "This 934 charter of King Athelstan of England acting in the Danish North was attested by fifty-eight witnesses whose names are not appended here; they include two archbishops, three sub-kings, sixteen bishops, seven ealdormen, six earls, eleven thegns."