Definition of "e.g." []

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Use "e.g." in a sentence
  • "Look for pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine on the label, or the letter D after the brand name e.g., Claritin-D."
  • "Muscles of facial expression e.g., movements of forehead, eyebrows, periorbital area."
  • "In most cases, you can search for the executable name e.g."
  • "While there are some exceptions e.g., Ultraorthodox Jews, Sikhs, Old Order Amish, the religious affiliation of most Americans is not obvious from outward appearances."
  • "This generalization is true whether we measure political ideology by party identification or by views on issues like abortion or gay marriage, and it is true whether we measure religiosity by church attendance, by frequency of prayer, by strength of religious commitment, or by religious identification e.g., nones vs. evangelicals."