Definition of "drive-through" []

  • (adjective) Relating to or conducting exchanges with clients who drive up to a window and remain in their automobiles: drive-thru banking.
  • (adjective) Performed or provided quickly and routinely: a drive-through delivery in a hospital.
  • (noun) A drive-through establishment, especially a restaurant.
  • (noun) A window at such an establishment, from which business is conducted.

Use "drive-through" in a sentence

  • "We mounted a huge PR and advertising campaign designed to restore Americans' faith in managed care, which had taken a beating in the press for such well-publicized practices as "drive-through mastectomies" and "drive-though deliveries.""
  • "This is the meat we buy in grocery stores, and order from the drive-through window at fast food joints."
  • "Your grandchild may be a great kid, but when using plastic for the first time at college, don't underestimate the appeal of pizza parties, midnight snacks at the local drive-through and the siren call of the mall."

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