Definition of "dressing" []

  • A therapeutic or protective material applied to a wound. (noun)
  • A sauce for certain dishes, such as salads. (noun)
  • A stuffing, as for poultry or fish. (noun)
  • Manure or other fertilizing material for soil. (noun)
  • A sauce for food, esp for salad (noun)

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  • A mixture of chopped and seasoned ingredients with which poultry, meat, etc, is stuffed before cooking (noun)
  • A covering for a wound, sore, etc (noun)
  • Manure or artificial fertilizer spread on land (noun)
  • Size used for stiffening textiles (noun)
  • The processes in the conversion of certain rough tanned hides into leather ready for use (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "dressing" in a sentence
  • "The phrase "dressing well" is inevitably open to interpretation."
  • "I haven't used the bucktail, I normally use a #6 red Octopus but the dressing is a nice touch."
  • "The key to the flavour of this dressing is the addition of balsamic vinegar."