Definition of "dissimilarity" [dis•sim•i•lar•i•ty]

  • The quality of being distinct or unlike; difference. (noun)
  • A point of distinction or difference. See Synonyms at difference. (noun)

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Use "dissimilarity" in a sentence
  • "Later that evening he defined this dissimilarity from the American girl as the result not only of her French blood but of her European training, her quiet secluded girlhood in a provincial town of great beauty, where she had received a leisurely education rare in the United States, seen or read little of the great world (she had visited Paris only twice and briefly), her mind charmingly developed by conscientious tutors."
  • "Edward Glaeser used the most common measure of segregation - called the dissimilarity index - to determine the mixing of races since 1970."
  • "Briefly, this script creates 1000 random permutations of the matrix of environmental variables and compares these with the real protein expression dissimilarity matrix."