Definition of "dispersion" []

  • The act or process of dispersing. (noun)
  • The state of being dispersed. (noun)
  • The Diaspora of the Jews. (noun)
  • Statistics The degree of scatter of data, usually about an average value, such as the median. (noun)
  • Physics Separation of a complex wave into its component parts according to a given characteristic, such as frequency or wavelength. (noun)
  • The separation of electromagnetic radiation into constituents of different wavelengths (noun)

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  • A measure of the ability of a substance to separate by refraction, expressed by the first differential of the refractive index with respect to wavelength at a given value of wavelength (noun)
  • The degree to which values of a frequency distribution are scattered around some central point, usually the arithmetic mean or median (noun)
  • A system containing particles dispersed in a solid, liquid, or gas (noun)
  • The pattern of fire from a weapon system (noun)
  • The range of speeds of such objects as the stars in a galaxy (noun)
  • The frequency-dependent retardation of radio waves as they pass through the interstellar medium (noun)
  • The deviation of a rocket from its prescribed path (noun)
  • The distribution pattern of an animal or a plant population (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "dispersion" in a sentence
  • "The particular works of each are manifestations of the general character of his lifework, whether it was of faith and love whereby alone we can please God and escape condemnation. pass -- Greek, "conduct yourselves during." sojourning -- The outward state of the Jews in their dispersion is an emblem of the sojourner-like state of all believers in this world, away from our true Fatherland. fear -- reverential, not slavish."
  • "A very famous and well-known example of dispersion is illustrated on the cover of a classic Pink Floyd album:"
  • "In any case, in this example, dispersion is acceptable."