Definition of "dispart" []

  • To part, separate. (verb)
  • To divide, divide up, distribute. (verb)
  • To furnish with a dispart sight. (verb)
  • To make allowance for the dispart in (a gun), when taking aim. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "dispart" in a sentence
  • "Singles & Dating first, you need to use the utitlity interface called dispart (the managedisk utility in windows doesn't do it correclty for some reason), to partition, format and activate it. there are several sites/forums on this, like cnet and zdnet. en Español"
  • "Therefore, when the established sights are not furnished, or have become unserviceable, wooden dispart-sights lashed on the reinforce should be immediately substituted."
  • "In case the ordinary sights should be lost or rendered useless, tangent firing may be resorted to against ships, by pointing with the wooden dispart-sight at such part of the ship as the Tables indicate for the distance, and according to the class of gun in use at the time."