Definition of "disintegrating" []

  • To decline or cause to decline gradually in health, prosperity, excellence, etc; deteriorate; waste away (verb)
  • To rot or cause to rot as a result of bacterial, fungal, or chemical action; decompose (verb)
  • (of an atomic nucleus) to undergo radioactive disintegration (verb)
  • (of an elementary particle) to transform into two or more different elementary particles (verb)
  • (of a stored charge, magnetic flux, etc) to decrease gradually when the source of energy has been removed (verb)
  • The process of decline, as in health, mentality, beauty, etc (noun)
  • The state brought about by this process (noun)
  • Decomposition, as of vegetable matter (noun)
  • Rotten or decayed matter (noun)
  • A spontaneous transformation of an elementary particle into two or more different particles (noun)
  • (of an excited atom or molecule) the losing of energy by the spontaneous emission of photons (noun)
  • A gradual decrease of a stored charge, magnetic flux, current, etc, when the source of energy has been removed (noun)
  • The fading away of a note (noun)
  • Present participle of disintegrate. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "disintegrating" in a sentence
  • "We have a man who is handsome and smart and learned, but who is physically disintegrating from the strength of repressed emotion."
  • "Things will slowly return to normal on campus -- the TP on the quad is already disintegrating from the rain this weekend, and the world of college life will go on as the freshmen come to campus in a few weeks."
  • "Now imagine that woody, glowing champ* disintegrating from the "waist" up (this, before your very eyes)!"
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