Definition of "dish" []

  • An open, generally shallow concave container for holding, cooking, or serving food. (noun)
  • The containers and often the utensils used when eating: took out the dishes and silverware; washed the dishes. (noun)
  • A shallow concave container used for purposes other than eating: an evaporating dish. (noun)
  • The amount that a dish can hold. (noun)
  • The food served or contained in a dish: a dish of ice cream. (noun)
  • A container used for holding or serving food, esp an open shallow container of pottery, glass, etc (noun)

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  • The food that is served or contained in a dish (noun)
  • A particular article or preparation of food (noun)
  • The amount contained in a dish (noun)
  • Something resembling a dish, esp in shape (noun)
  • A concavity or depression (noun)
  • An attractive person (noun)
  • Something that one particularly enjoys or excels in (noun)
  • To put into a dish (verb)
  • To make hollow or concave (verb)
  • To ruin or spoil (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "dish" in a sentence
  • "September 17, 2008 5: 41 AM teeny said ... the photo at Logia tis Ploris of the urchin dish is the best photo you've taken to date. color, highlight on the dish, fork in the background, it's excellent."
  • "This spicy-sweet, meatless main dish is traditional Oaxacan Lenten fare."
  • "This Turkish dish translates as ‘The Imam fainted’."