Definition of "direction" []

  • The act or function of directing. (noun)
  • Management, supervision, or guidance of an action or operation. (noun)
  • The art or action of musical or theatrical directing. (noun)
  • Music A word or phrase in a score indicating how a passage is to be played or sung. (noun)
  • An instruction or series of instructions for doing or finding something. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • The act of directing or the state of being directed (noun)

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  • Management, control, or guidance (noun)
  • The work of a stage or film director (noun)
  • The course or line along which a person or thing moves, points, or lies (noun)
  • The course along which a ship, aircraft, etc, is travelling, expressed as the angle between true or magnetic north and an imaginary line through the main fore-and-aft axis of the vessel (noun)
  • The place towards which a person or thing is directed (noun)
  • A line of action; course (noun)
  • The name and address on a letter, parcel, etc (noun)
  • The process of conducting an orchestra, choir, etc (noun)
  • An instruction in the form of a word or symbol heading or occurring in the body of a passage, movement, or piece to indicate tempo, dynamics, mood, etc (noun)
  • (of an angle) being any one of the three angles that a line in space makes with the three positive directions of the coordinate axes. Usually given as α, β, and γ with respect to the x-, y-, and z-axes (noun)
  • (of a cosine) being the cosine of any of the direction angles (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "direction" in a sentence
  • "Whether A move towards B, or B move in the opposite direction towards A, a current, and in both cases having the same _direction_, will result."
  • "If you look at double magnitude, float direction): float direction, bool isNull) {_direction = direction;"
  • "Coppola makes the story better and his direction is almost flawless."