Definition of "diode" [diode]

  • An electronic device that restricts current flow chiefly to one direction. (noun)
  • An electron tube having a cathode and an anode. (noun)
  • A two-terminal semiconductor device used chiefly as a rectifier. (noun)

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Use "diode" in a sentence
  • "The evil geniuses* at Wicked Lasers have weaponized a laser for the consumer market by simply (?) rejiggering an unreasonably-powerful blue laser diode from a home theater projector and placing it in a lightsaber casing."
  • "Otellini compared the Obama administration to a "diode" -- an electronic device that conducts electric current in only one direction."
  • "The author of the above hypothesis wrote his degree paper on silicon carbide light-emitting diode, that is why the ending of the forth series is the most simple- it is a modern light-emitting diode."