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Definition of "diluvium" [di•lu•vi•um]

  • An inundation or flood. (noun)
  • A deposit of sand, gravel, etc. made by oceanic flooding. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "diluvium" in a sentence
  • "Connected with the diluvium is the history of ossiferous caverns, of which specimens singly exist at Kirkdale in Yorkshire, Gailenreuth in"
  • "In the form and direction of the horns, these famous wild white oxen seem to be living {2} representatives of the race whose bones are found in a fossil state in England and some parts of the Continent in the "diluvium" bone-caves, mixed with the bones of bears, hyenas, and other wild animals, now the cotemporaries of the Bos Gour, or Asiatic Ox, upon mountainous slopes of Western India."
  • "Sufficient grounds exist for the assumption that man coexisted with the animals found in the 'diluvium'; and many a barbarous race may, before all historical time, have disappeared, together with the animals of the ancient world, whilst the races whose organization is improved have continued the genus."