Definition of "diffuser" [dif•fus•er]

  • One that diffuses, as: (noun)
  • A light fixture, such as a frosted globe, that spreads light evenly. (noun)
  • A medium that scatters light, used in photography to soften shadows. (noun)
  • A device, such as a cone or baffle, placed in front of a loudspeaker diaphragm to diffuse the sound waves. (noun)
  • A flow passage in a wind tunnel that decelerates a stream of gas or liquid from a high to a low velocity. (noun)

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Use "diffuser" in a sentence
  • "The upper deck of a double-decker diffuser is fed by airflow from apertures located underneath the car, in the vertical wall joining the step plane and the reference plane."
  • "A polycarbonate and acrylic diffuser is positioned in the centre."
  • "To cure this, we can add a bigger "diffuser" - a piece of bodywork shaped to channel air out from underneath the car in a controlled way."