Definition of "difficult" []

  • Hard to do or accomplish; demanding considerable effort or skill; arduous: "To entertain is far more difficult than to enlighten” ( Anthony Burgess). See Synonyms at hard. (adjective)
  • Hard to endure; trying: fell upon difficult times. (adjective)
  • Hard to comprehend or solve: a difficult puzzle. (adjective)
  • Hard to please, satisfy, or manage: a difficult child. (adjective)
  • Hard to persuade or convince; stubborn. (adjective)
  • Not easy to do; requiring effort (adjective)

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  • Not easy to understand or solve; intricate (adjective)
  • Hard to deal with; troublesome (adjective)
  • Not easily convinced, pleased, or satisfied (adjective)
  • Full of hardships or trials (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "difficult" in a sentence
  • "It is of course extremely difficult to collect satisfactory data on such a point, —difficult to reach the men, to get trustworthy testimony, and to gauge that testimony by any generally acceptable criterion of success."
  • "The uncertain light made her expression difficult to read, but Odosse thought she saw pain there—a great deal more pain than belonged in such a young face."
  • "KING: Jeanette, what does the term difficult mean to you?"