Definition of "differential" []

  • Of, relating to, or showing a difference. (adjective)
  • Constituting or making a difference; distinctive. (adjective)
  • Dependent on or making use of a specific difference or distinction. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Of or relating to differentiation. (adjective)
  • Involving differences in speed or direction of motion. (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or using a difference (adjective)

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  • Constituting a difference; distinguishing (adjective)
  • Of, containing, or involving one or more derivatives or differentials (adjective)
  • Relating to, operating on, or based on the difference between two effects, motions, forces, etc (adjective)
  • A factor that differentiates between two comparable things (noun)
  • An increment in a given function, expressed as the product of the derivative of that function and the corresponding increment in the independent variable (noun)
  • An increment in a given function of two or more variables, f(x1, x2, …xn), expressed as the sum of the products of each partial derivative and the increment in the corresponding variable (noun)
  • An epicyclic gear train that permits two shafts to rotate at different speeds while being driven by a third shaft (noun)
  • The difference between rates of pay for different types of labour, esp when forming a pay structure within an industry (noun)
  • (in commerce) a difference in rates, esp between comparable labour services or transportation routes (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "differential" in a sentence
  • "This leads me to suspect that the cost differential is due to:"
  • "I would say that the least promising source of the differential is valued added from college education."
  • "But at least price differential is better reflection of the respective quality of both wines then very close RP score."