Definition of "dhu" [dhu]

  • A common element in Celtic local and personal names, meaning ‘black,’ as in Dhu Loch, black lake; Roderick Dhu, black Roderick (Scott, Lady of the Lake). (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dhu" in a sentence
  • "By the time I had gathered my wits sufficiently to wriggle out from under the defunct Harry, Arnold had joined his companion in death, throat neatly cut from ear to ear by the sgian dhu that Jamie carried in his stocking."
  • "The moon was bright, and the blade of the tiny sgian dhu flickered in the leafy shadows."
  • "The tiny sgian dhu, the sock dagger, was deemed acceptable, and I was provided with one of those, a wicked-looking, needle-sharp piece of black iron about three inches long, with a short hilt."
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