Definition of "device" []

  • A contrivance or an invention serving a particular purpose, especially a machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks. (noun)
  • A technique or means. (noun)
  • A plan or scheme, especially a malign one. (noun)
  • A literary contrivance, such as parallelism or personification, used to achieve a particular effect. (noun)
  • A decorative design, figure, or pattern, as one used in embroidery. See Synonyms at figure. (noun)
  • A machine or tool used for a specific task; contrivance (noun)

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  • A bomb (noun)
  • A plan or plot, esp a clever or evil one; scheme; trick (noun)
  • Any ornamental pattern or picture, as in embroidery (noun)
  • A piece of computer hardware that is designed for a specific function (noun)
  • A written, printed, or painted design or figure, used as a heraldic sign, emblem, trademark, etc (noun)
  • A particular pattern of words, figures of speech, etc, used in literature to produce an effect on the reader (noun)
  • The act or process of planning or devising (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "device" in a sentence
  • "The first reviews of the device began rolling in Tuesday afternoon and they are largely glowing, despite some expected complaints about the device&# ..."
  • "However, separately backing up my Eudora and Palm data is a small inconvenience compared to the peace of mind this device brings †¦ especially on days when my laptop sounds like it†™ s laboring and may crash and burn at any minute. win a Clickfree HD801 device*?"
  • "The other thing, Kate, that's interesting is we're not quite sure -- we're using the term device but we don't really know whether it was powders or liquids, or whatever the case was."