Definition of "dense" []

  • Having relatively high density. (adjective)
  • Crowded closely together; compact: a dense population. (adjective)
  • Hard to penetrate; thick: a dense jungle. (adjective)
  • Permitting little light to pass through, because of compactness of matter: dense glass; a dense fog. (adjective)
  • Opaque, with good contrast between light and dark areas. Used of a photographic negative. (adjective)
  • Thickly crowded or closely set (adjective)

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  • Thick; impenetrable (adjective)
  • Having a high density (adjective)
  • Stupid; dull; obtuse (adjective)
  • (of a photographic negative) having many dark or exposed areas (adjective)
  • (of an optical glass, colour, etc) transmitting little or no light (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "dense" in a sentence
  • "If, then, what we call a dense body is so by reason of the presence of many qualities, that plenitude of qualities will be the cause [of the inhibition]."
  • "“Interactive individuals sacrifice something by locating in dense tracts.”"
  • "“That residents living in dense census tracts have fewer confidants.”"