Definition of "deep" []

  • Extending far downward below a surface: a deep hole in the river ice. (adjective)
  • Extending far inward from an outer surface: a deep cut. (adjective)
  • Extending far backward from front to rear: a deep walk-in refrigerator. (adjective)
  • Extending far from side to side from a center: a deep yard surrounding the house. (adjective)
  • Far distant down or in: deep in the woods. (adjective)
  • Extending or situated relatively far down from a surface (adjective)

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  • Extending or situated relatively far inwards, backwards, or sideways (adjective)
  • Relatively far from the pitch (adjective)
  • Of a specified dimension downwards, inwards, or backwards (adjective)
  • (in combination) (adjective)
  • Coming from or penetrating to a great depth (adjective)
  • Difficult to understand or penetrate; abstruse (adjective)
  • Learned or intellectually demanding (adjective)
  • Of great intensity; extreme (adjective)
  • Absorbed or enveloped (by); engrossed or immersed (in) (adjective)
  • Very cunning or crafty; devious (adjective)
  • Mysterious or obscure (adjective)
  • (of a colour) having an intense or dark hue (adjective)
  • Low in pitch or tone (adjective)
  • Any deep place on land or under water, esp below 6000 metres (3000 fathoms) (noun)
  • The most profound, intense, or central part (noun)
  • A vast extent, as of space or time (noun)
  • One of the intervals on a sounding lead, one fathom apart (noun)
  • Far on in time; late (adverb)
  • Profoundly or intensely (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "deep" in a sentence
  • "I tell you "-- his eyes were looking deep, _deep_, into the eyes of Rose-Marie and he spoke directly to her," I tell you, dear -- I've learned a great many lessons in the last few weeks."
  • "Shall ring in my ears as I sink from gulf to gulf and from deep to deep—"
  • "_Tiamat_ is the name given to the Babylonian mother of the universe, the dragon of the deep; and in Genesis it is written that "darkness was upon the face of the _deep_ (_tehōm_).""