Definition of "decree" []

  • An authoritative order having the force of law. (noun)
  • Law The judgment of a court of equity, admiralty, probate, or divorce. (noun)
  • Roman Catholic Church A doctrinal or disciplinary act of an ecumenical council. (noun)
  • Roman Catholic Church An administrative act applying or interpreting articles of canon law. (noun)
  • To ordain, establish, or decide by decree. See Synonyms at dictate. (verb-transitive)
  • An edict, law, etc, made by someone in authority (noun)

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  • An order or judgment of a court made after hearing a suit, esp in matrimonial proceedings (noun)
  • To order, adjudge, or ordain by decree (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "decree" in a sentence
  • "The decree is signed establishing the School for Primary School Teachers, which later becomes the National Teachers 'School."
  • "The discussion in the Venezuela blogosphere could be seen from two different points of view, since while some argue that this new decree is an attempt to curtail freedom of speech, others consider this kind of campaign as trying to raise an alarm where there is no urgency."
  • "Republicans were dead sure a few years ago that they could rule out judicial filibusters via a “nuclear option” decree from the VP."