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Definition of "decima" [decima]

  • In music: An interval of ten diatonic degrees, being an octave and a third. (noun)
  • An organ-stop whose pipes sound a tenth above the keys struck. (noun)
  • A Spanish money: the tenth of a real vellon, or about 5 cents in United States money. (noun)
  • A tenth part; a tithe or tax of one tenth. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "decima" in a sentence
  • "African-Peruvians also took to a poetic style known as decima, a form which was exemplified in the work of Afro-Peruvian poet Nicomedes Santa Cruz."
  • "For Henry potentia absoluta always indicates the possibility of acting in a disorderly way, which the pope, who is capable of sinning, possesses, but God does not (see Tractatus super facto praelatorum et fratrum, ratio decima pro fratribus, ed. Hödl/Haverals, pp. 253-259; cf. Porro 2003)."
  • "Anno Domini 1331. decima quarta die mensis Ianuarij obijt in"