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  • Stephen. 1779–1820, US naval officer, noted for his raid on Tripoli harbour (1804) and his role in the War of 1812 (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Christopher on Jun 25, 2008 they shot here in decatur, il for the last few months and finished a few weeks ago. adm wouldn't let them on the premises so they had to build a "fake" front gate in order to get the exterior shots they needed. also, damon was nice enough to take pictures and sign autographs with almost every fan he encountered. i'm interested to see if it is purely a dramatic/thriller interpretation or is there is any dark comedy hidden in the script … there were rumors floating around town of both."
  • "Wed 12/30/09 8: 53 PM jimmy smith jewelers ask for jimmy ray decatur alabama"
  • "Wed 12/30/09 8: 51 PM jimmy smith jewelers decatur alabama"
  • "We got tired and ended up at a place on decatur that served very spicy meatballs that were somehow oddly tasteless."
  • "| Reply | Permalink hahahahaha, that doddering ol McCain is just dimwitted enough to say just that ... lol lol. athens, decatur and atlanta ... ctfu!! he did mix up sunni and shia so no telling what will come out his mouth. .he might even demnand the BullDogs get on the field!!"