Definition of "decasyllable" []

  • A line of verse having ten syllables. (noun)

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Use "decasyllable" in a sentence
  • "How DID you learn the secret of writing the decasyllable line, and whence that sweet wailing note of tenderness that accompanies your song?"
  • "The deviations from the normal type, or decasyllable line, were they more numerous than, after allowance for the license of pronunciation, as well as the probable corruption of the text, they appear to be, would not,"
  • "The thing is possible: and I can modestly say that in the little effort appended as an example to these lines it has been done successfully; but here must be mentioned the second point in my thesis -- I could never have achieved what I have here achieved in dramatic art had I not harked back to the great tradition of the English heroic decasyllable such as our"
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