Definition of "dead-white" []

  • A man whose importance and talents may have been exaggerated because he belonged to a historically dominant gender and ethnic group (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "dead-white" in a sentence
  • "Beyond, on the opposing slope, the vague outlines of a glacier loomed dead-white through the driving rain."
  • "Their Siwash socks were similarly conditioned, and when these had been thawed and removed, the dead-white tips of the toes, in the various stages of mortification, told their simple tale of the trail."
  • "She put both arms around my mother, and my mom felt the clammy dead-white skin attaching itself to her back like an octopus."
  • "Tattoos would have added some visual interest and helped cover all that dead-white motionless flesh."