Definition of "cytomegalovirus" [cytomegalovirus]

  • Any of a group of herpes viruses that attack and enlarge epithelial cells. Such viruses also cause a disease of infants characterized by circulatory dysfunction and microcephaly. (noun)

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Use "cytomegalovirus" in a sentence
  • "In 2002, UCSF neurosurgeon Charles Cobbs published a novel finding in a prominent cancer journal: nearly all of the two-dozen brain tumors he had analyzed were teeming with a common herpes virus called cytomegalovirus, or CMV."
  • "For kidney transplant recipients, infection with a virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV) may lead to de ..."
  • "The medical ward had run some tests already: He had an organism called cytomegalovirus in his urine, his white blood cell count was low, and one particular class of white cell, the T-lymphocytes, were much fewer than they ought to be."