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Definition of "cyanogen" []

  • A colorless, flammable, pungent, highly poisonous gas, C2N2, used as a rocket propellant, an insecticide, and a chemical weapon. (noun)
  • A univalent radical, CN, found in simple and complex cyanide compounds. (noun)

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Use "cyanogen" in a sentence
  • "A second commentator suggested it might have been a piece of a comet; comets often contain cyanogen, which at low levels could cause the symptoms described."
  • "Last month, its instruments showed that the comet was emitting a toxic gas called cyanogen whose output increased fivefold over an eight-day period before slowly decreasing again."
  • "In 1910, many people panicked when astronomers revealed Earth would pass through the cyanogen-rich tail of Comet Halley."
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