Definition of "cushion" []

  • A pad or pillow with a soft filling, used for resting, reclining, or kneeling. (noun)
  • Something resilient used as a rest, support, or shock absorber. (noun)
  • A mat placed or attached beneath carpeting to provide softness and increase durability. (noun)
  • A padlike body part. (noun)
  • Games The rim bordering the playing surface of a billiard table. (noun)
  • A bag made of cloth, leather, plastic, etc, filled with feathers, air, or other yielding substance, used for sitting on, leaning against, etc (noun)

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  • Something resembling a cushion in function or appearance, esp one to support or pad or to absorb shock (noun)
  • The resilient felt-covered rim of a billiard table (noun)
  • A capital, used in Byzantine, Romanesque, and Norman architecture, in the form of a bowl with a square top (noun)
  • To place on or as on a cushion (verb)
  • To provide with cushions (verb)
  • To lessen or suppress the effects of (verb)
  • To protect, esp against hardship or change (verb)
  • To check the motion of (a mechanism) gently, esp by the compression of trapped fluid in a cylinder (verb)
  • To provide with a means of absorbing shock (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cushion" in a sentence
  • "It can be surrounded by futons or soft cushions depending where I am, in Bangalore the cushion is a must but in Mumbai futon is the right choice."
  • "When the cushion is the right size, cast off your knitting."
  • ""You are over-using the word cushion," protests Clare Davies."