Definition of "curium" []

  • A silvery metallic synthetic radioactive transuranic element. Its longest lived isotope is Cm 247 with a half-life of 16.4 million years. Atomic number 96; melting point (estimated) 1,350°C; valence 3. See Table at element. (noun)

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  • "Small point: firefox auto-spell check prefers curium over curiam, though it is not attempting anything other than a dictionary search."
  • "A quick Westlaw search through Allcases (date 5/1/2010) confirms that “per curium” is still nonstandard: “Per curiam” gets 1427 hits, “per curium” only 10."
  • "Yet “per curium” is common enough to be warning people against: A search through the Brief-All file (date 1/1/2010) reports 88 instances of “per curium.”"