Definition of "cudweed" []

  • Any of various woolly plants of the genus Gnaphalium in the composite family, having small whitish or yellowish flower heads. (noun)
  • Any of several similar and related plants in the genus Filago. (noun)

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Use "cudweed" in a sentence
  • "Yomogi/ Kusa Dango: Mugwort flavored dumplings kusa dango were originally flavored with cudweed"
  • "Artemisias and Gnaphaliums, like our southernwood and cudweed, but six or eight feet high; while Buttercups, Violets, Whortleberries,"
  • "Adults also gathered medicinal herbs: cinquefoil ground to a powder for bodily aches, cudweed for diarrhea, oak root as an eyewash, crushed sage for colds, the osha root for coughs, and the like."
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