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Definition of "cross-fertilise" [cross-fertilise]

  • Cause to undergo cross-fertilization (verb)
  • Undergo cross-fertilization; become fertile (verb)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "cross-fertilise" in a sentence
  • "Most years, she writes a couple of long magazine stories for the New York Times, and the two forms, the insularity of novel-writing, and the external movement of journalism, cross-fertilise, although she is wary of using the journalism as a displacement activity."
  • "These three currents are certainly not water-tight compartments, they continuously cross-fertilise and influence each other, and they characteristically (and usually correctly) present themselves in hybrid forms."
  • "There is no single journal, web site or forum that brings together and integrates them, and thereby enables Mondragon scholars to be made aware of what one another are doing, compare notes and cross-fertilise their respective insights."