Definition of "criterion" []

  • A standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based. See Synonyms at standard. (noun)
  • A standard by which something can be judged or decided (noun)

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  • A defining characteristic of something (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "criterion" in a sentence
  • "If we try to apply Dedekind's definition as a criterion for determining whether a given set is infinite by establishing a 1-1 correspondence between two inductive rules for generating “infinite extensions,” one of which is an “extensional subset” of the other, we can't possibly learn anything we didn't already know when we applied the ˜criterion™ to two inductive rules."
  • "Thanks, J.D. Yeah, I think your criterion is a good one."
  • "I will attempt to redeem myself (maybe) by guessing that the criterion is their longevity."