Definition of "crest" []

  • A usually ornamental tuft, ridge, or similar projection on the head of a bird or other animal. (noun)
  • An elevated, irregularly toothed ridge on the stigmas of certain flowers. (noun)
  • A ridge or an appendage on a plant part, such as on a leaf or petal. (noun)
  • A plume used as decoration on top of a helmet. (noun)
  • A helmet. (noun)
  • A tuft or growth of feathers, fur, or skin along the top of the heads of some birds, reptiles, and other animals (noun)

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  • Something resembling or suggesting this (noun)
  • The top, highest point, or highest stage of something (noun)
  • A ridge on the neck of a horse, dog, lion, etc (noun)
  • The mane or hair growing from this ridge (noun)
  • An ornamental piece, such as a plume, on top of a helmet (noun)
  • A symbol of a family or office, usually representing a beast or bird, borne in addition to a coat of arms and used in medieval times to decorate the helmet (noun)
  • A ridge along the top of a roof, wall, etc (noun)
  • A ridge along the surface of a bone (noun)
  • Identifying rings painted around an arrow shaft (noun)
  • To come or rise to a high point (verb)
  • To lie at the top of; cap (verb)
  • To go to or reach the top of (a hill, wave, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "crest" in a sentence
  • "• In a story about the new coat of arms commissioned by Kate Middleton's family, the term crest was used as a synonym for coat of arms."
  • "What happens can be likened to Sisyphus´ endlessly rolling his stone up the slope, but in this case finding that the slope beyond the crest is also an uphill one."
  • "To the east his eyes, leaping the miles between range and range and between many ranges, brought up at last against the white-peaked Sierras — the main crest, where the backbone of the Western world reared itself against the sky."