Definition of "credit" []

  • Belief or confidence in the truth of something. See Synonyms at belief. (noun)
  • A reputation for sound character or quality; standing: It is to their credit that they worked so hard without complaining. (noun)
  • A source of honor or distinction: This exceptional athlete is a credit to our team. (noun)
  • Recognition or approval for an act, ability, or quality: gave them credit for a job well done. (noun)
  • Influence based on the good opinion or confidence of others. (noun)
  • Commendation or approval, as for an act or quality (noun)

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  • A person or thing serving as a source of good influence, repute, ability, etc (noun)
  • The quality of being believable or trustworthy (noun)
  • Influence or reputation coming from the approval or good opinion of others (noun)
  • Belief in the truth, reliability, quality, etc, of someone or something (noun)
  • A sum of money or equivalent purchasing power, as at a shop, available for a person's use (noun)
  • The positive balance in a person's bank account (noun)
  • The sum of money that a bank makes available to a client in excess of any deposit (noun)
  • The practice of permitting a buyer to receive goods or services before payment (noun)
  • The time permitted for paying for such goods or services (noun)
  • Reputation for solvency and commercial or financial probity, inducing confidence among creditors (noun)
  • Acknowledgment of an income, liability, or capital item by entry on the right-hand side of an account (noun)
  • The right-hand side of an account (noun)
  • An entry on this side (noun)
  • The total of such entries (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A distinction awarded to an examination candidate obtaining good marks (noun)
  • A section of an examination syllabus satisfactorily completed, as in higher and professional education (noun)
  • To ascribe (to); give credit (for) (verb)
  • To accept as true; believe (verb)
  • To do credit to (verb)
  • To enter (an item) as a credit in an account (verb)
  • To acknowledge (a payer) by making such an entry (verb)
  • To award a credit to (a student) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "credit" in a sentence
  • "Trans-Union is a credit service much like CBI, TRW or Chilton, but offers more competitive rates, and is being used more and more by many credit checking agencies."
  • "_Non enim omnis qui cogitat credit sed cogitat omnis qui credit, et credendo sogitat et cogitando credit_."
  • "_esprit_ for her -- are to her banques de France, upon which she has an unlimited credit -- _credit fonder_, if you will, _credit mobilier_, or what not."