Definition of "cranky" []

  • Having a bad disposition; peevish. (adjective)
  • Having eccentric ways; odd. (adjective)
  • Full of bends and turns; crooked: a cranky mountain road. (adjective)
  • Working unpredictably; erratic: a cranky old truck. (adjective)
  • Rickety; loose. (adjective)
  • Eccentric (adjective)

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  • Fussy and bad-tempered (adjective)
  • Shaky; out of order (adjective)
  • Full of bends and turns (adjective)
  • Unwell (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cranky" in a sentence
  • "Half the reason we are so goddamn cranky is that we are constantly seeing profoundly talented people passed up for books that are "more commercial" (read: "OMG the hot new dude at school IS ACTUALLY A SUPERNATURAL ENTITY WHO WANTS TO DO IT WITH ME!!!!"); it makes us sad, but the industry right now is not a pretty picture, dear ones."
  • "Most of her life, she lived in cranky desperation."
  • "Luna Lovegood, also, is too ready to believe in cranky theories."