Definition of "countenance" []

  • Appearance, especially the expression of the face: The question left him with a puzzled countenance. (noun)
  • The face or facial features. (noun)
  • A look or expression indicative of encouragement or of moral support. (noun)
  • Support or approval. (noun)
  • Obsolete Bearing; demeanor. (noun)
  • The face, esp when considered as expressing a person's character or mood (noun)

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  • Support or encouragement; sanction (noun)
  • Composure; self-control (esp in the phrases keep or lose one's countenance; out of countenance) (noun)
  • To support or encourage; sanction (verb)
  • To tolerate; endure (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "countenance" in a sentence
  • "Your countenance, Miss Lake -- you must pardon my frankness, it is my way -- _your countenance_ tells only too plainly that you now comprehend my allusion. '"
  • "Why is this that Baldêo should be always represented of this countenance and colour, and his brother Krishna, either white, or of an azure colour, and the _Caucasian countenance_? ["
  • "'I do not doubt it,' replied the other, your countenance is a letter of recommendation to every heart. '"