Definition of "cottontail" [cot•ton•tail]

  • Any of several North American rabbits of the genus Sylvilagus, having grayish or brownish fur and a tail with a fluffy white underside. Also called wood rabbit. (noun)

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Use "cottontail" in a sentence
  • "Just a dog that can let me know when I'm about to bust into a patch of quail, or when a cottontail is lurking nearby."
  • "Furthermore when fragments of the epidermal carcinomas, arising from papillomas induced in cottontail rabbits by oncogenic hydrocarbons, were exposed to the"
  • "The most common live rabbit in the state is the cottontail, which is found in a variety of locales, and the second most common is the marsh rabbit, which inhabits the marshes and swamps of far southern Alabama."