Definition of "coterminous" [co•ter•mi•nous]

  • Variant of conterminous. (adjective)

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Use "coterminous" in a sentence
  • "At the time of the reorganization, Hibbard and Woolf were appointed to four year terms coterminous with the Governor's."
  • "There are other ways of putting things together so they're not necessarily opposed; there is the idea of collaboration, or the phrase "coterminous," meaning where one appears, the other has to appear."
  • "In some cases, the definition of parishes by ethnicity was de jure aka “nationality parishes” while in other cases the ethnic fragmentation was de facto, based on geography, as ethnicity and neighborhood boundaries were coterminous anyway.50 Whether de facto or de jure, the objective was to provide a linguistically and culturally comfortable niche in which members of the different ethnic groups could experience their religion, and reinforce their ethnicity."