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Definition of "coot" [coot]

  • Any of several dark-gray aquatic birds of the genus Fulica of North America and Europe, having a black head and neck, lobed toes, and a white bill. (noun)
  • See scoter. (noun)
  • Informal An eccentric or crotchety person, especially an eccentric old man. (noun)

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Use "coot" in a sentence
  • "A recent study reveals that a species of American bird known as the coot is capable of counting their clutch size, and can tell the difference between "parisitic" eggs and their own."
  • "As a member of my own party, this old coot is nothing but a whiner, poser and good for nothing fake. gt"
  • "Breeding bird species include Palaearctic marsh birds such as coot Fulica atra and moorhen Gallinula chloropus, as well as a relict sub-species of Barbary partridge Alectoris barbara duprezii."