Definition of "conversation" [con•ver•sa•tion]

  • (noun) The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.
  • (noun) An instance of this: held a long conversation on the subject.
  • (noun) An informal discussion of a matter by representatives of governments, institutions, or organizations.

Use "conversation" in a sentence

  • "Religious and philosophic conversation were ever-present in my home life, and the conversation was *always* that—a *conversation*."
  • "Read also the following certificate of these men, which they gave to the public last spring; in which they admit some other conversation which they call _a free and unreserved conversation_, and protest against the"
  • "I had that conversation… only after just having a phone conversation with Shari — regarding the same nonsense.) (Oh… and as a second aside: Shari is a secret-covert-spy on diaryland… whom is a bit chicken… and signs up as a guest (refusing to set up her own tag name) … to read muah… and others - as listed above… oh my bubbles: in my proper PBS - drug-free - commercial tone…"

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