Definition of "convergence" []

  • The act, condition, quality, or fact of converging. (noun)
  • Mathematics The property or manner of approaching a limit, such as a point, line, function, or value. (noun)
  • The point of converging; a meeting place: a town at the convergence of two rivers. (noun)
  • Physiology The coordinated turning of the eyes inward to focus on an object at close range. (noun)
  • Biology The adaptive evolution of superficially similar structures, such as the wings of birds and insects, in unrelated species subjected to similar environments. Also called convergent evolution. (noun)
  • The act, degree, or a point of converging (noun)

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  • Concurrence of opinions, results, etc (noun)
  • The property or manner of approaching a finite limit, esp of an infinite series (noun)
  • The combining of different forms of electronic technology, such as data processing and word processing converging into information processing (noun)
  • The evolutionary development of a superficial resemblance between unrelated animals that occupy a similar environment, as in the evolution of wings in birds and bats (noun)
  • An accumulation of air in a region that has a greater inflow than outflow of air, often giving rise to vertical air currents (noun)
  • The turning of the eyes inwards in order to fixate an object nearer than that previously being fixated (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "convergence" in a sentence
  • "Dan Neil test drives the all-new Hyundai Elantra, which he calls a convergence of engineering, style and value."
  • "She then does an apt job of debunking his claim that she ripped off his comments by using the word "convergence.""
  • "He announced what he called his convergence program, which is just a version of the traditional program; it goes back to the Allon plan of 1967."