Definition of "control" [con•trol]

  • (verb-transitive) To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct. See Synonyms at conduct.
  • (verb-transitive) To adjust to a requirement; regulate: controlled trading on the stock market; controls the flow of water.
  • (verb-transitive) To hold in restraint; check: struggled to control my temper.
  • (verb-transitive) To reduce or prevent the spread of: control insects; controlled the fire by dousing it with water.
  • (verb-transitive) To verify or regulate (a scientific experiment) by conducting a parallel experiment or by comparing with another standard.

Use "control" in a sentence

  • "If she can't control her campaign how the heck can she * control* the giant bureacracy that is our government?"
  • "Grant it; and for the very same reason we wish steam with all the world; not that we may control the world, for this is costly and unremunerative, as Great Britain finds; but to conform it, and especially to _control_ its commerce."
  • "The captain, must, therefore, control the company through the platoon commanders -- that is to say, he _actually directs_ the fire and the platoon commanders, assisted by the squad leaders, _actually control_ it."

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