Definition of "contingent" [con•tin•gent]

  • (adjective) Liable to occur but not with certainty; possible: "All salaries are reckoned on contingent as well as on actual services” ( Ralph Waldo Emerson).
  • (adjective) Dependent on conditions or occurrences not yet established; conditional: arms sales contingent on the approval of Congress. See Synonyms at dependent.
  • (adjective) Happening by chance or accident; fortuitous. See Synonyms at accidental.
  • (adjective) Logic True only under certain conditions; not necessarily or universally true: a contingent proposition.
  • (noun) An event or condition that is likely but not inevitable.

Use "contingent" in a sentence

  • "Thus the soul is, on one side, linked to the unchangeable and the eternal, being formed of that ineffable element which constitutes the _real_ or _immutable Being_, and on the other side, linked to the sensible and the contingent, being formed of that element which is purely _relative_ and _contingent_."
  • "And if there is such an idea as the idea of a contingent being ” if ˜contingent being™ is a meaningful phrase ”, then there would seem to be such an idea as the complement of that idea, the idea of a necessary being, the idea of a being of which it is false that it might not have existed."
  • "The term "contingent resources" is a broader description of potentially recoverable volumes than proved, probable and possible reserves, as defined by the SEC regulations."

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