Definition of "consistency" []

  • Agreement or logical coherence among things or parts: a rambling argument that lacked any consistency. (noun)
  • Correspondence among related aspects; compatibility: questioned the consistency of the administration's actions with its stated policy. (noun)
  • Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events: pitched with remarkable consistency throughout the season. (noun)
  • Degree of density, firmness, or viscosity: beat the mixture to the consistency of soft butter. (noun)
  • Agreement or accordance with facts, form, or characteristics previously shown or stated (noun)

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  • Agreement or harmony between parts of something complex; compatibility (noun)
  • Degree of viscosity or firmness (noun)
  • The state or quality of holding or sticking together and retaining shape (noun)
  • Conformity with previous attitudes, behaviour, practice, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "consistency" in a sentence
  • "It tastes almost like pastry cream, but the consistency is almost identical to Swiss meringue buttercream!"
  • "Of course, I suspect that their consistency is the result of being deluded enough to fail to understand the way the rest of the nation views SS rather than any intellectual integrity."
  • "Like her husband, she could see no point in consistency, which is the very mortar of society."