Definition of "conference" [con•fer•ence]

  • (noun) A meeting for consultation or discussion.
  • (noun) An exchange of views.
  • (noun) A meeting of committees to settle differences between two legislative bodies.
  • (noun) An assembly of clerical or of clerical and lay members from a particular district in various Protestant churches.
  • (noun) Sports An association of teams.

Use "conference" in a sentence

  • "* RSA security conference - $3,995 conference+ | $2,195 regular conference"
  • "The existing legislation, and it will be changed in conference, is a modest step on the way to true reform. nathan smith ga"
  • "In a statement to 26september. net Saturday he clarified that the Joint Meeting parties JMP want to go into alliance with extremist forces of the al-Qaeda, advocates of secession and rebels through what they term conference of national consultation in order to impede the parliamentary elections."

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