Definition of "concept" []

  • A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences. (noun)
  • Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion. See Synonyms at idea. (noun)
  • A scheme; a plan: "began searching for an agency to handle a new restaurant concept” ( ADWEEK). (noun)
  • An idea, esp an abstract idea (noun)

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  • A general idea or notion that corresponds to some class of entities and that consists of the characteristic or essential features of the class (noun)
  • The conjunction of all the characteristic features of something (noun)
  • A theoretical construct within some theory (noun)
  • A directly intuited object of thought (noun)
  • The meaning of a predicate (noun)
  • (of a product, esp a car) created as an exercise to demonstrate the technical skills and imagination of the designers, and not intended for mass production or sale (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "concept" in a sentence
  • "On a related note, a couple weeks ago at the shop I was discussing the fact that, when the Earth Prime Superboy was introduced during the original Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover shenanigans, the only purpose he really served was 1) to represent the concept of Earth Prime i.e. "our" Earth), and 2) to act as a symbolic "goodbye" to the Superboy concept* at the end of the series."
  • "Movies live or die now by whether a certain concept is tracking well for opening weekend."
  • "The other paintings, while excellent, don't encapsulate the title concept as effectively as that little sleeping dino - in my 'umble opinion."