Definition of "complication" []

  • The act of complicating. (noun)
  • A confused or intricate relationship of parts. (noun)
  • A factor, condition, or element that complicates. (noun)
  • Medicine A secondary disease, an accident, or a negative reaction occurring during the course of an illness and usually aggravating the illness. (noun)
  • A condition, event, etc, that is complex or confused (noun)

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  • The act or process of complicating (noun)
  • A situation, event, or condition that complicates or frustrates (noun)
  • A disease or disorder arising as a consequence of another disease (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "complication" in a sentence
  • "This complication is all the more tragic because most of these children have an isolated anomaly and do well after postnatal resection."
  • "Another complication is ascites, which is a collection of fluid in the belly."
  • "A further complication is a deadlock over the division of oil revenues."